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With our knowledge of the Gym and Health Club Industry along with our years experience of insuring them, we have teamed up with a panel of insurers to offer you scheme discounts and comprehensive cover. We’ve built in some extra benefits along the way so you know the gym or health spa insurance cover from us is designed for your business.

Whilst we always recommend you call us to discuss health spa insurance there’s another couple of options. Click on the Quick Quote button and after just a few simple answers one of our specialist staff can give you a guide price on the cover you need. Or if you prefer then take the time to complete the full proposal form which you can simply download using the full quote form button, then our accurate price is ready to go on cover at your request.


Health Spa Insurance Covers Available

Trade Equipment Covers

All of your gym equipment, from treadmills to weight machines

General Contents and Money

Office chairs and desks etc


Clothing to Protein Drinks and more, limits tailored to suit your needs

Computers & Electrical Equipment

Again, cover can be tailored to suit your individual requirements

Business Interruption

Covering your business in the event you are unable to trade for what-ever reason such as a fire or flood, the policy will pay for loss of income or profits.


Optional cover to include the buildings and also a further option of adding Accidental Damage

Public Liability

Covers against claims made by the public. Limits from £1,£2 or £5 Million and more if required.

Employers Liability

This cover is compulsory by law if you employ people and will cover claims made by your staff. Standard cover is £10 Million

Member to Member Liability

This is an important cover and not usually given from most insurers. This will cover the clubs members against claims made by other members such as dropping a weight onto somebody’s foot.

Professional Indemnity

If you offer advice to your members or clients, then we can offer a stand-alone Professional Indemnity policy with various limits to suit your requirements.
What’s included?
  • We’ve teamed up with some other organisations to offer you enhanced discounts and service which we hope you will find useful:

    • The guys at B-Safe who are health and safety specialists, they offer a visitation service which then highlights any shortfalls you may have, all done in the strictest of confidence, and they help you rectify the problems whatever they may be thereafter. Give them a call on 01476 577323 or visit their site – Once you tell them you’re working with us the initial visit is FREE OF CHARGE!
    • Reassure yourself that we are a recognised and bona fide insurance broker acting under the FSA guidelines, we are an approved FSA insurance broker – see us on their register (Our Ref Number is : 301043)
    • We’ve teamed up with Fire Systems Consultancy to offer you any assistance you might need on either existing fire alarm systems or the installation of new systems if you so need, give them a call and mention ourselves where you will receive not only discounted rates but a service which is linked with your insurers requirements/expectations : Tel 0845 6262 777 or visit their website –
    • We’ve teamed up with NEG who operate a national boarding up and emergency repair service. All of our clients are pre-approved for this service to ensure your kept safe and secure in the quickest of times. Feel free to call them on 0844 7044 999, or see their work at
  • It’s the obvious things when you think about it, but sometimes the issues are forgotten or put back as less important tasks. Here’s a reminder of how to keep health spa insurance down from an insurers perspective:

    • CCTV – To see the incidents helps insurers defend and fight your corner
    • Premises Security – The more physical security the less the premium – simple
    • Health & Safety Risk Assessments – Insurers want to know you take this seriously when inviting the public through the doors of your premises – we have a helpful partnership formed for you with who are health and safety specialists, they offer a free visitation service which then highlights any shortfalls, and they help you rectify the problems whatever they may be.
  • From industrial premises converted into the gentleman’s heavy lifting equipment gym, to the luxurious leafy green health spa’s catering more for the ladies and their keep fit regime – and everything in between – speak to us about the many different insurers we negotiate with independently on your behalf.

    It’s not just the gym equipment we cover, our specialist knowledge in this area caters for all leisure facilities from swimming baths to playgrounds and even larger facilities. And were not about to turn you away for things like unusual construction or adverse claims experience, there’s normally a solution we can find in even the most extreme cases – so give us a call, we enjoy a challenge.

  • Whether you need cover for everything or you’re just concerned over one specific piece of cover, we can formulate a bespoke package of insurance around your business.

  • A dedicated account handler will look after you, from sales through to claims, so you’ll always know who you’re dealing with.

  • Our pricing is constantly monitored and from a wide range of insurers, so you’ll always get the best quote.

Need help?

Talk to one of our friendly consultants to assess your needs and find a bespoke insurance solution to suit your business.

How to make a claim

Whilst you normally have an emergency phone number stated on your policy documents, we always recommend talking to your account handler first.

Accreditations and Awards
Frequently Asked Questions
  • We at AIC always recommend to air on the side of caution, and disclose everything to ourselves, and we can help you decide if this information needs to be told to insurers, which normally it does.

    There are different rules to follow from various sources, as an insurer may ask you to declare convictions in the last 10 years, whereas the rehabilitation act may dictate that you don’t need to declare it for more than say 5 years. DVLA may give you a different answer again for motoring convictions! Talk to one of our friendly consultants and let us help you.

  • Using a dedicated insurance broker provides benefits completely unseen when using a comparison site. With AIC, you’re afforded your own dedicated account manager who specialises in the cover you are seeking. Getting to know our clients is paramount to our customer service dedication and getting to know you AND your requirements is part of that. When you use a price comparison website, you are quite literally just a number and just a click-cost.

  • With any type of cover it is important to present insurers with all the information that will or could possibly affect the way they look at the risk. If this is not provided, insurers have the right to walk away from a claim, to change terms at the time of a claim, or reduce an amount paid depending on which law the insurance adheres to.

    A good insurance broker (like AIC) should not be afraid to ask the right questions of a potential policy holder, or suggest ideas that will help in the risk management of the cover in question. Insurance is there to help you in the event of a problem, and it makes no sense to cut corners on something so important. We’re here to help you!

  • We hate call centres as much as you! Our phones will never be answered by a call centre and only by a staff member. You only deal with your allocated account advisor, so you know who you will be dealing with every time you need to reach out to us.

  • There are two main ways you can pay your insurance: the full sum to cover the next 12 months upfront, or in 12 monthly instalments over an annual period.

    The major drawback to monthly payments is paying by instalment usually makes the total cost of cover higher than it would be if you paid in one go. This is because the insurance company is effectively lending you the money to pay the premium, so it will charge you what amounts to interest on the repayments you make across the year.

    By paying In full you are clearing your entire payment all in one go, meaning the insurance company won’t have to lend you the money and you won’t be due any premiums on the loan.

  • Great question and one we can of course help you with! Business insurance premiums are arrived at by the analysis of your likeliness to have a loss. When you apply for coverage, your information will be analysed by an underwriter who is responsible for determining whether or not they will consider writing a policy for you. Each business has completely different circumstances and we highly advise you to get in contact with us so we can understand and advise in the best possible way.

Talk to one of our friendly consultants to assess your needs and find a bespoke insurance solution to suit your business.

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