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Hospital Car Parking Charges – It’s just not right!!

Charging visitors is one thing, charging patients is pretty unfeeling, but charging Doctors and Nurses to park their cars seems outrageous!

In one recent news report, we heard of a junior doctor overstaying his shift to help out his fellow staff, to then be fined for outstaying his car parking ticket.

There’s not much us mere mortals can change in the world, and if we could stop the war in Ukraine then of course we would, but here’s something little that we can change!

(The math : Total UK Government Revenue = £820,000,000,000 per year. Approx. £270m collected from us at the Hospital Car Parks per year, which is 0.03% of the Governments Income)

Here at AIC we think Hospital Car Parking should be free for all visitors, patients and staff, and we think this is easily achievable by public opinion being clearly stated.

It wouldn’t cost much in the government’s overall scheme of things, and it’s our money! Think of it as a higher tax on the least paid staff at your NHS, and you’ll surely agree this just isn’t fair.

With just 10,000 of us agreeing we want to change this, then the government must officially respond. And If we can get 100,000 of us agreeing, then it must be heard in Parliament – and that is our goal. We’ve made it so easy for you to sign our petition – just click on the link below.

Let’s do something nice for our NHS, not forgetting the poor, elderly and sick frequenting these Car Parks.

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