Business centre, business park, science park, industrial park – all places where a business can rent space to work.

Businesses – like people – all have differing requirements and preferences. Some prefer to own property, perhaps as an investment for the retirement of the owners. Others prefer to rent so as to not commit large sums.

There are many advantages to occupying space in a business centre including:

  • Flexibility to increase or decrease space according to business requirements
  • Property maintenance and repairs are not your responsibility
  • You may be supplied with office furniture and the like
  • There may be catering, reception and post facilities

Business centres are small communities. You may be able to link up with neighbouring tenants for your business needs such as printing and stationery, design, IT, telecoms, accountancy, legal services and so on. A business park not far from our office specialises in providing space to a number of companies involved in various aspects of motorsport, who interact to their mutual benefit.

Another benefit lies in the realm of insurance. Knowing that business centres rely on keeping their properties up to standard in order to attract quality tenants assures the insurer that claims will be fewer and property damage such as escape of water will be dealt with swiftly. Most business centres have a high standard of security, particularly with CCTV installations – it being cheaper to have a single system covering a large area than to have several disparate systems.

In recognition of this, we have arranged special rates for the insurance of business centre tenants. Whilst often basic needs such as desks and chairs are provided, the tenant will almost certainly have items of their own – computers, business records etc. They will also need liability insurance for their responsibility as tenants and certainly in respect of their business activities. Most businesses will require Employers’ Liability insurance.

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