Approved Vehicle Repairers Terms & Conditions

Advanced Insurance Consultants Ltd (hereafter termed as AIC) will introduce work to an approved repairer of its own choosing based on the following terms and conditions.

*Evidence of these points must be provided to AIC before Approved status is given 

  1. *The approved repairer must create a Google recognised back-link between AIC’s website and their own.
  2. *The approved repairer must carry the appropriate Motor Trade Insurance and proof of cover will be required before the commencement of any works.
  3. AIC will engage the approved repairer on behalf of the insurers and/or the vehicle owner by way of introduction only and this does not guarantee the work will be awarded to the approved repairer contacted by ourselves.  
  4. A written quotation detailing the work to be undertaken will be required from the approved repairer, this is to be qualified by the insurers &/or the vehicle owner before commencement of any works.
  5. AIC accept no responsibility or liability by way of this introduction regarding payment of services from either the client or the insurer to the approved repairer, although AIC would assist in scheduling an agreement of such payments before the commencement of any works is undertaken.
  6. AIC accept no responsibility or liability by way of this introduction regarding the quality of work from the approved repairer or the works longevity, although it would be expected that the approved repairer offers some reassurances/guarantees to the vehicle owner/insurer as to the life expectancy of any works completed.
  7. AIC do not take payment for their referral or recommendation of the approved repairer and payments for works completed are 100% passed directly to the approved repairer.
  8. Whilst AIC make no guarantees on payments to the approved repairer it will ensure where possible that any insurer work is paid for promptly and accurately as agreed by the insurer at the outset.  
  9. In the event of disputes between approved repairers, vehicle owners and insurers alike AIC will agree to act as an independent mediator where possible before arbitration.  
  10. *Works from the approved repairer must be carried out to the highest of standards and guaranteed for at least 12 months. The quality of materials utilised be of good stock, less the insurer or vehicle owner would rightly dispute payments be released to the approved repairer. In these circumstances an independent inspection from an alternative approved repairer will be agreed by AIC for mediation purposes. 
  11. Should the quality of work completed by the approved repairer be deemed inferior, or the conduct of the approved repairer be in any way unbecoming or unprofessional then AIC will remove that approved repairer from the referral list forthwith. 
  12. The list of approved repairers is agreed and managed by AIC at its discretion.     
  13. The “approved status2 of a repairer may be limited to just one or all of these insurers working with AIC.
  14. Information contained in the directory was sourced from public records, and all companies listed were contact prior to publication to ensure accuracy, with an option to opt out.

Whilst the detail of these terms and conditions is set out to guide all parties it is at the discretion of AIC as to the interpretation of the wording contained herein, and how this be applied to any given situation. For clarity on any point we always recommend you contact ourselves.