Here at AIC, understanding the specific needs of a thatched property-owner is key to the service and advice we provide. As a broker, we don’t just deal with one insurer. We have access to a range of specialist thatched home policies and will help tailor your needs to find one that is best suited to you.

It is no secret that owning a thatched home brings some unique challenges. Our experience in dealing with thatched properties means that we understand the distinct needs, maintenance issues and concerns that thatched owners come across on a daily basis.

It’s not just the thatched roof that is usually ‘non-standard’ on a thatched home. Thatched properties are often timber-framed with brick, stone or plaster infill.  The insurers we work with understand this and can accommodate for the range of materials used to construct older homes. Alongside this we will provide bespoke cover for your Building and Contents.

Most thatched home policies contain endorsements. It’s therefore essential that your building sum insured is adequate.

We’ll also help ensure that you comply with the endorsements of a thatched policy. It’s easy to buy a thatched insurance policy directly, but in the event of a fire, you need to know that you fully comply with the many terms that can apply, including:

  • Fire extinguisher requirements
  • Chimneys must be swept annually
  • Electrical checks – generally required every five years
  • No naked flames or tools producing flames be present in the attic or loft space
  • The thatched roof must have been inspected by a thatcher within the last 10 years
  • Wood burning stoves
  • Smoke detectors

We can insure:

  • Main residences
  • High-value properties
  • Second homes
  • Thatched holiday homes
  • Part thatched buildings

Why you should contact us at AIC for a Thatch quotation:

As a broker we speak with you on the telephone where we will go through a questionnaire over the phone with you and given the value of your thatch property, we want to ensure the right Thatched Home Insurance policy for you. We believe it is impossible to insure a thatched home online only, there are too many important factors that you will need to be made aware of. We will provide high quality cover with competitive premiums that’s backed by exceptional service. With this in mind, please fill in the quick quote form below and we will call you. Or please call 01442 242 400 or if preferred, send an e-mail to 

Talk to one of our friendly consultants to assess your needs and find a bespoke insurance solution to suit your business.

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