At AIC we know it doesn’t take a lot to fall outside of ‘the norm’, it could be something as simple as a thatched roof, or that your property is in a flood postcode, or perhaps your home had an instance of subsidence many years ago. Whatever the reason, you need to ensure you have a home insurance policy that reflects your exact circumstances and provides adequate protection. 

If your property has been refused a standard insurance policy we are able to help. As a broker we have a lot of experience insuring homes of non-standard construction. We look at each property individually, examine the circumstances whilst working alongside a panel of insurers to find you the right policy, specific to your needs.

We understand not all properties are not constructed with brick walls and tiled roofs. Rather than the building itself, it could be some unique or unusual circumstances that mean a regular policy won’t suffice. Unlike most Home Insurance policies which focus on the physical building, Non Standard Home Insurance also takes the surrounding area into account.

You may wish to consider a Non Standard Home Insurance if your property falls into one of the following categories:

  • If your property is situated within 400 metres of a river or other waterway, or in an area with a history of flooding
  • If your property will be unoccupied for at least 30 days consecutively
  • If there are any trees standing taller than 10 metres within a 5 metre radius
  • If your property is a Listed Building – Cover is available for Grade 1, 2 and 2* listed properties.
  • Has a thatched roof – homes with thatched roofs are more at risk from fire damage than a home with say a standard tile roof and require specialist thatched property insurance.
  • Has had subsidence – houses that have suffered from subsidence or are located in an area with a history of subsidence.
  • Is of non-standard construction – houses constructed using non-standard materials such as timber frames are only properly covered by a specialist buildings insurance policy.

So don’t delay and please give myself Danielle or the team at AIC a call today. Together we can help to source the right policy for you, all the while you will have a dedicated broker that will be there for you for all your insurance needs.

Talk to one of our friendly consultants to assess your needs and find a bespoke insurance solution to suit your business.

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