A classic, Collectible or Antique car requires insurance that reflects your vehicles uniqueness and value, and we have several Insurers that offer this type of product as a private motor Insurance is not sufficient to protect such a vehicle against loss or damaged.

This type of Insurance is not intended for cars that you use on a regular basis to commute to work in, although we do have some Insurers that will consider this.  They prefer a good driving history and the insurance is based on limited mileage of 1500 to 7500 depending on the age of the vehicle, hence why premium can be lower than general motor insurances.

Vehicles need to be at least 20 to 25 years old and it is common misconception that any car can be deemed a classic for this type of cover, but that is not the case and the criteria is different from one company to another. Some insurers require proof that you have a main everyday vehicle which is not insured on a limited mileage policy, so that the classic car is not your prime main mode of transport so are normally classed as second vehicles which do not require or earn any no claims bonus.

High value vehicles are to be kept in a locked garage while at the Home address (and some will consider storage away from the Home), and policies take into account that the vehicle will be laid up during the winter period and they generally cover you for car shows and exhibitions. They also cover vehicles that are being restored on an Accidental Damage, Fire and Theft cover with no road use, and once work completed can increase to Comprehensive cover paying any additional premium due.

Policies can be issued with Agreed values subject to you supplying the required documents and photographs that the insurers request when quoting/issuing cover, this means the insurers will agree the value of your vehicle and it will be noted on your policy, so any claim will be settled at that value less the policy excess rather than at the market value at the time of the claim meaning you could lose money against its value when you took out the policy if not agreed. So this is good news as takes into account money you have spent on the vehicle during ownership.

Sandie at AIC has had 25 years’ experience in dealing with these types of insurances and can look to source a Classic car insurance that is tailored to suit you and your vehicle. She has several clients that refer to their vehicles as their babies and wives have even confirmed to her that Hubby treats vehicles better than them!  When she first started dealing with classic quotes a gentleman called and wanted to insure his Fire engine called Dennis, when she told him it was cute that he had named it Dennis he laughed so much he said he cried, and work colleagues did as well and even made her stand next to red Dennis at a Classic Car show and have photo taken which stayed on office wall for a few year .

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