Here at AIC we often get asked questions about insuring gym’s and here’s some of them, along with our answers :

How can I save money on my gym insurance, but still have adequate cover?

At AIC we understand that no two gyms are the same. While one may need to extend cover to saunas and steam rooms, swimming pools and Jacuzzis, another may simply have a selection of free weights and machines. Our Insurers can cover stock too, from protein shakes to clothing. Whatever covers you need for your gym or fitness centre, AIC is here to help.

What if I lease the building and the Landlord requires me to cover their stuff?

In most cases, the Landlord will insure the building, as this is usually their responsibility as the freeholder.  But what if they ask you to cover things like air conditioning units, or fixed glass? Don’t worry, our panel of Insurers are usually able to include cover for Landlord’s Fixtures and Fittings, for which you are responsible under your lease agreement. This will put your mind at rest and ensure your contractual obligations under your lease are satisfied.

On the other hand, you may have spent time and money making improvements to the space you are leasing. Things like flooring, changing and shower facilities and even redecoration can be included under the tenant’s improvements section. This cover is vital to ensure you are reimbursed, should the worst happen.

I lease gym equipment, can I still insure this?

Yes! In fact most lease agreements will require the lessee to have ‘all-risks’ cover for the equipment they are leasing and may even charge extra, if adequate insurance isn’t put in place. At AIC, our advisers are used to liaising with equipment lease companies, to satisfy them that their equipment is covered. Just ask and we’ll be happy to discuss this with you.

I need competitive event cover for my gym, can I get this and is it cheap?

We have experience in covering Strongman gyms and we have insurers on our panel willing to cover competitions, powerlifting events and the like, often for a lower premium than you’d think. Our advisers will take details of the events you hold and will speak with the Underwriters on your behalf, to get you the best possible deal.

My gym operates ‘un-manned’ hours. Can I still get insurance?

Absolutely! AIC cover many un-manned gyms – there may be a few safety measures the Insurer will want in place, but your dedicated Account Handler will talk these through with you. Please give us a call on 01442 242400, or drop us a line using our contact page!

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