The biggest risk to dry cleaners and laundrettes is the large fire risks as a result of multiple potential spark sources combined with frequent use of solvents and high oxygen levels. Insurers will have specific endorsements and requirements which you are to comply with. It is paramount that these requirements are understood as claims will not be paid out if your business is not complying. One common practice which is often overlooked by dry cleaners & laundrettes is the up-keep of the removal of dust and lint.

This is a common condition found within insurance policies designed for laundrettes and dry cleaners due to this mitigating the fire risk as a build-up of lint dust can be easily ignited and increases the rate at which a fire spreads. The general consensus is that this should be done minimum on a weekly basis although requirements will vary. All new & existing employees should have an understanding of the fire safety protocols. All exits, assembly points, fire alarms and extinguishers should be clearly marked and accessible.

Our insurers can also provide cover for customers goods in trust which can therefore reduce the burden placed on you as the insurers trained claims department will resolve the incident, this will allow you to continue to focus on the growth of your business. This reflects on how having a tailored insurance policy can allow for your business to continue to improve your overall efficiency levels. 

 New ventures into the dry cleaners and laundrettes industry should prioritise getting insurance in place given the high risk nature of the industry and planning required. When running a dry cleaners it is crucial that the premises has a valid electrical inspection certificate which has been provided by an approved electrical contractor.

To comply with the insurers demands and needs it is crucial that any C1 or C2 codes are rectified as claims caused by electrical fault will be excluded. In Addition, portable appliance testing should be carried out on annual basis and any remedial works complete within 28 days of the inspection date. These requirements are all in place to provide a safer experience for your customers whilst protecting your business and employees. We can offer our high quality service and experience to assist in getting you the right cover at the best possible rates. 

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